Meet The Artist


 Welcome to the family, that keeps Conscious Mind Glass Studio's running. Thanks for getting to know us a little. 

Hello, I am Aaron Margoliner the Founder of Conscious Mind Glass Studios. I built this Studio with a goal to help others and to expand on the art of glass. I have taught over 600 students since I began this journey; introducing them to an art in which they were completely new to. Glass Blowing is my passion and I personally thank you for sharing it with me. 




Hello, I am Michael Larsen, I began my journey here at Conscious Mind Glass, as an apprentice back in 2016, and have been loving it since. I find inspirations and motivations from some of my favorite glassblowers such as Banjo, Zack P, and Lodi.




 Hello, my name is Crystal Cruz. I began my apprenticeship March of 2017, here at Conscious Mind Glass. I am a true artist at heart with the focus to bring true beauty to glass. I am a true believer that beauty comes in all forms all you have to do is add a little color.